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Lemuria Light Jewelry

Handmade Energetic Lemurian light jewelry, bearing the frequency resonance of the seven sacred flames

Thank you for coming to my creative space, I am Shlomit, an energetic jewelry maker and artist.
I have always been connected to the spiritual world, and during my life I developed and grew with wonderful spiritual teachers who helped me to deepen and remember who I am.

Most of us know that events in our lives do not happen by accident,
I experienced the breakthrough during the "7 sacred Flames" course.

I drew symbols and geometric shapes from the memories, the full faith in the new way carried me with great excitement to a magical journey.
The Inspiration was created out of me through spiritual journeys around the world with the Telos Lemuria community.

The spiritual world, my love for crystals and the passion of creativity led me to self-realization, created a new and unique world out of which were created energetic jewelry that carry the resonant frequency of seven flames of creation.

Choosing an energetic jewel is made from reading the heart,
Each symbol has a unique and energetic frequency but what everyone has in common is to bring about change on an energetic and conscious level, to bring healing and love balance and harmony, support our process of development.
For me, creating an energetic jewel is a mission for all human beings who seek to live in a better world of love harmony and unity.

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7  Sacred  Flames

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